Artist Hanna Denysenko was born in 1987 in Dnipro, Ukraine. She began her professional artistic career at the age of 30. Before, she had the experience of scientific research in the field of Political Science as PhD. After that an irresistible desire came to translate all the gained experience into a more fundamental direction as the creation of artistic artifacts. 

Live and work in Kyiv, Ukraine; in such techniques as painting, graphic, collage, digital art and mixed techniques. 

In 2017, completed an educational course of Vilnius Academy of Art in the fields of painting and architecture (Vilnius, Lithuania). In 2019, graduated from Contemporary Art School associated with Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts curated by Victoria Burlaka (Kyiv, Ukraine) Since 2020,has been studying at the Art School of Composition of Valentin Chorny (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Interested in researching of the theme of nature, human nature, its physical and metaphysical particular qualities. In her works prefer to break down an object into its simplest components and convey character through different textures and color. 


July 2019 — Exhibition of contemporary art «Z-generation», Project «RGB consciousness», Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine.

July 2022 – Exhibition devoted to support of Ukraine in its fight for its freedom, Collective collage “Stop War in Ukraine”, Warsaw, Poland.