The digital collage diptych "I’ll never live you"

Concept: The digital collage diptych was made in collaboration with the Ukrainian artist Daria Zoria. The idea to make art came to us almost at the same time, when we saw a photo of Dania, who was evacuated from Mariupol, destroyed by the russian occupiers and did not leave his cat there, in the ruins. I wanted to capture this moment, these emotions and a certain kind of self-sacrifice on paper. But when we created the works, each in its own style, and connected them into diptych, we realized that it was not just about pain and despair that was imprinted here. Love, faith and hope are engraved here. For the fact that they will survive, for the fact that they will get out of hell to free Ukraine, for the fact that they will still be happy together. And personally, it seems to me that this work carries a certain social appeal - not to leave our pets when we are trying to save our lives during the war. They once gave us their heart, we have no right to betray it.

Digital collage diptych
This diptych was presented on collective Exhibition of contemporary art "I need the art" curated by Valentyn Chornyi in Underground Art Space in Kyiv, Ukraine, 2023.