Analog collage series "Indomitable"

Concept: The series is dedicated to the strength of spirit and indomitability of the Ukrainian people.

"Hope", 2023. The red ear of wheat in the hands of a child symbolizes the imperishable hope that burns in the heart of every Ukrainian in the darkest times of our history.

"Red Field", 2023. The work conveys both the spirit of our people and all the pain that each of us felt after February 24. The red field depicts Ukrainian land, which is one of the foundations of Ukrainian DNA. The red color symbolizes the love for our land and the blood we are ready to shed for it.

"The Way to the Unknown", 2023. The work is dedicated to all Ukrainian women who are forced to save their children from war and seek a peaceful life abroad.

Paper, clippings from magazines, liners, 2 pieces, 29,7x42 cm each one.
The artwork "Red Field" was presented on exhibition "Me and the war" in Museum of Kyiv, curated by Olha Syta, Katia Syta, Annet Sagal, 2023, Kyiv, Ukraine.
The artwork "Hope" was published in first Online Art Catalogue | The Hope edition by Mood Muse Collective.