A series of collages "The past remains in the past when Ukrainian sun rises"

Concept: A series of collages dedicated to the revival of Ukrainian national consciousness during the full-scale invasion of russia in 2022 on the territory of Ukraine. This is the time when we go through the final rejection of the empire and cease to be a victim of moscow's imperial ambitions. Realized, protected on the battlefield and recorded within the international community, the Ukrainian identity becomes an example of courage, real freedom and new leadership for the whole world. For Ukraine it is a time of a new mentality, of a sense of a grand future and the ability to defend its borders and national interests. This is the time when the Ukrainian sun rises as a symbol of the new world order and the formation of a new civilization.

Collage on paper, 4 pieces, 25x25 cm each

This series was presented on exhibition "One day after" in Imagine Point Gallery in Kyiv, Ukraine, 2022.