Contemporary art project "RGB consciousness"

Concept: The peculiarity of thinking and perception of the surrounding reality of different generations is determined by the system in which the individual was formed.

Thus, Generation X developed in the conditions of the total political regime of the USSR, whose moral and ethical norms simplified objective reality as much as possible and presented it in its own ideologically colored dichotomy: good/bad, hero/traitor, proletariat/bourgeoisie, worker/darmoid, etc.

Generation Y, formed during the collapse of the totalitarian system, showed its inner need to search for freedom and other options for understanding reality within the given dichotomy. This generation vividly demonstrates its ability to adapt in a rapidly changing world, which was formed by the need to "survive" in a period of chaos and disintegration of all systems (political, socio-economic, legal and moral-ethical).

Generation Z is unique in that, unlike previous generations, where an information vacuum (Generation X) and the beginning of information chaos (Generation Y) were observed, it was formed in a period of excess information, but already more or less systematized with the help of the development of information technologies. Knowledge of the surrounding world through the screens of monitors and mobile phones, in turn, provoked a fragmented perception of the surrounding reality, the lack of need for fundamental knowledge and the predominance of generation Z, the so-called "clip" thinking.

Acrylic on canvas, 3 pieces, 120x60 cm each

This project was presented on Contemporary art exhibition "Z generation" in Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019. Curator Victoria Burlaka.