Digital collages for project "Parallels"

Concept: These two digital works were created for the collage exhibition "Parallels", dedicated to the comparison of the genocide of Ukrainians committed by moscow in 1933 and today. The parallels are obvious. Then, the terrorist neighbor tormented us with artificial hunger, today - with bullets, rockets, darkness and cold.

The first collage "Genocide" uses an archival photo of a famine victim in Kharkiv in 1933, people with their hands tied, butchered by the russian army in Buch during a full-scale russian invasion in 2022, and a new graveyard in Irpin. The second collage "Evacuation" depicts people leaving the village in search of food in the city in 1933, and a 5-year-old boy, Ivan, who crossed the border with Poland by himself, fleeing from russian missiles in 2022.

Digital collage
Collective collage exhibition "Parallels" was curated by Annet Sagal, Katia Syta and Olya Syta and took place in Museum of Holodomor in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also the project was presented in Ukrainian Culture Center in Tel-Aviv, Israel in support oh Ukrainian Ambassy in Israel.